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1993 In June 1993, Yuanhang was founded. In this early stage, we mainly offered small size propellers to the local market.
1997 In September 1997, Yuanhang succeeded in manufacturing a 3 meter propeller, which marked that Yuanhang began to enter into the medium propeller market.
1999 In March 1999, Yuanhang began to export propellers to overseas. By 2007, we have offered propellers to more than twenty countries.
2000 In November 2000, Yuanhang got the ISO-9002 quality system certification from DNV.
2001-2003 During 2001~2003, Yuanhang obtained factory approval from Shipping Classification Societies one by another, including CCS, BV, DNV, ABS, LR, GL, NK, RINA, KR and RS.
2005 In August 2005, Yuanhang began to batch manufacture CPP blades and hubs, supplying to Rolls-Royce Marine, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Itd, HRP and Schottel.
2008-2012 In February 2008, Yuanhang succeeded in delivering an ABS claSS Product which is 8 meters in diameter and 30 tons in weight.
In July 2012, another giant propeller that is 8.4 meters in diameter and 40 tons in weight has also been succeeded manufactured.
2013-2014 During 2013~2014, Yuanhang committed to develop energy saving products and in 2013, we launched an energy saving flow cap. By now, this cap has been putting into application in tens of vessels, verifying its great energy saving effect.
2015 In December 2015, Yuanhang succeeded in delivering a large project with CPP blades in diameter 8.3 meter with 6.3 tons and hub in 7.4 tons.
2016 Since 2016, Yuanhang is not only developed the casting of stainless steel FPP & CPP blade and hub, and successfully obtained ABS, BV, RS and DNV class approvals, but also the production of bronze castings of BWMS filter body and pump body.
2019-2021 During 2019~2020, Yuanhang built a new factory at Kaiping city, covering an area of 45,000 ㎡. The whole factory relocation work to the new factory has been finished in September, 2021.
The current maximum pouring weight of the new factory can reach to 82 tons.


Factory address: No. 10 Huancui East Road, Jiangmen, Kaiping 529300, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86-750-2272888 +86-750-2277909
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Guangzhou Office Address: 3rd Floor, Ladder 2, No. 85 Xinqiao Village, Shilian Road, Dalong Street 511450, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86-20-34554888 +86-20-34554909
Email: yuanhang@yhpropeller.com
Web: http://www.yhpropeller.com