New Factory Relocation at Kaiping, Guangdong (2021-9-3)

During 2019~2020, YuanHang built a new factory at Kaiping where is 120km from the old factory in Panyu. The new factory covers an area of 41,000 m² with annual capacity 4,000 tons.
The whole factory relocation work to the new factory has been finished in September, 2021.
The expansion has significantly improved the casting, machining and technical capabilities for both bronze and stainless-steel products.
For bronze products, YuanHang can produce finished fixed-pitch propellers (FPP) up to 60 tons and finished CPP hubs up to 18 meters.
For stainless steel products, such as propellers and other castings, the finished weight can reach up to 13 tons.


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